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Windows 7 Beta Ready to Download

Windows 7Leaders of the company Microsoft Steve Ballmer opened the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2009 on Wednesday, with the passion that people familiar with the personal computer operating systems while introducing Windows 7.

As expected, Ballmer announced that Microsoft is being launched a beta version of Windows 7 that will be downloadable and available Friday. This suggests that the software in the world has surrendered efforts in rehabilitating the Vista operating system has been created and released internationally in January 2007.

"We still provide the best version of Windows to the community," Ballmer said to the millions of visitors consisting of journalists and professionals in the hotel ballroom-style Venetia. "We have worked hard to get the best and are ready at this time."

Without the security and compatibility that have impeded the development of Vista, Ballmer promised that Windos 7 will make your computer more quickly and easily used. Unfortunately, he did not mention when the operating system will be officially released, although Windows Vista until now has been marketed after two years of betanya launched.

A clear, early review on Windows 7 is already can be seen on the internet in the form of beta at the end of December. This new operating system will have a touch screen capability, allowing users to see the icon on the desktop and windows to be transparent.

"Windows 7 will be able to make things more easily on your desktop," said project manager at Charlotte Jones gave a brief demonstration on this operating system. Jones also explained that the new system also makes it easier to allow the files back and front pages across the computer.

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