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How to install Instant Messaging on Blackberry

Many users Blackbery are asking about how to open Facebook Chat in mobile, usually Facebook Chat can only be opened in the computer / PC while Facebook itself can be opened via a mobile phone or other applications on the BlackBerry or iPhone.

Palringo is one of multiprotocol instant messenger application that allows you to chat via mobile or via the desktop and handle various instant messenger services, noted there are approximately 11 services from Yahoo! Messenger to Facebook Chat including Palringo. To install this application can be used for mobile devices with platforms such as Java, Windows Mobile, Symbian / S60, Aplle iPhone / iPod Touch, BlackBerry and even for Android. For the computer device / PC is available also for Windows PCs and Mac OS X, complete enough right? So not only deals with the BlackBerry and the iPhone, but may also available for the mobile Java or Symbian.

How to install Palringo on BlackBerry, follow this guides:

1. First download Palringo application via the browser on your PC or download OTA via Blackberry devices in the address select the type of phone and type of existing OS. Once installed open the Palringo application.

2. The first time the list was Palringgo account using an email address, after the current click "Service" in writing "Not Connected" double-click to "Sign In" using an account that was created earlier. Once connected with Palringo account, add the account Chat / IM from other services, among others have MSN / Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM / AOL Instant Messenger, Tancent QQ, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, XMPP / Jabber, Facebook Chat, GTalk / Google Talk, and iChat.

3. Then, point the cursor at Palringo account, click the logo on the left side of the BlackBerry trackball, click the "Service", click again "Add Service" to find the logo of the service would be added, then fill ID or username and password to connect, this service account will appear below Palringo account.

At the top of the screen there are two menus, one with the logo Palringgo letter "P" and the menu "Contacts". The first menu to set the "Service" or service should be active, "Active Chats" or the incoming message, "Location" to indicate the location / area of our Online and menu "Help" for assistance.

4. To find friends who are online or even offline, trackball cursor point to the "Contacts". Chat with friends to this point the cursor to a friend's name continued to click trackball to "Private Chat" or click "properties" to see info about this friend.

Palringo's unique is the "Location" which indicates the location of the user, can be set manually by writing a country / city or by auto using existing GPS in BlackBerry or disable regulated and can even be configured who can see this location.
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Posted by: Trito Hartono

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  1. I want to install messeger in Blackbery.

  2. Why can't I add my Skype account? And why the hell can't i just re-enter a password for an added account, without removing it and re-adding it?