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Nokia Mobile Radar

Competition tight in the global mobile phone market requires mobile phone vendors have the latest innovations in its products. Such a move is considered as a 'weapon' to remain on the market.

Nokia itself plans to make a breakthrough by issuing a new feature to the output device. Mobile Radar feature that allows users to detect the distance, speed, and direction of objects moving or still objects.

Techradar, Thursday (28/1/20100, launch a new feature that can measure how fast a car or bus that rode. The concept of Mobile Radar showed the radar technology is not using the camera support, so even if the phone is placed in pockets or in bags, mobile phones can show speed of the car. As long as these features turned on.

However, Nokia did not want to comment on the latest features being developed at Nokia Research Center's.

Nokia until now, is still mastering the highest position for the mobile market, but many predict when, Nokia did not immediately make innovations so that the Finnish vendor will soon be shifted output rivals such as RIM Blackberry, Apple and HTC Corp.. not to mention the entry of mobile phones based on Android are expected to threaten Nokia, Apple or Blackberry.

Smartphoneglobal industry, producers who occupied the first position, second, third, and fourth during the last few quarters is not much changed. Sequentially from the largest, they are Nokia, RIM, Apple, and HTC Corp.. However, producers who occupy fifth largest position is always changing, at least in the last two years
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