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How to Upgrade Windows XP SP1 SP2 to SP3?

Are you still using Windows XP Service Pack 1 or SP 2, or even does not know what's windows you are using? You can use the software Speccy, from what version type, 32 or 64 bits, well when we know it uses SP1 or SP2, then how can we upgrade to SP 3 offline, of course, without needing an internet connection.

How to Upgrade Windows XP SP1 SP2 to SP3?

Step1. Yyou have to make sure, Windows XP SP1 or SP2 you use. Is Windows you are using Genuine or not, you can check with the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic tool, to determine whether or not genuine.

Step 2, once you know the Windows XP is genuine, then download the Windows Installer Service Pack 3, you can Download Here 316.43 MB file directly from the Microsoft site, if you want to download it quickly use IDM or DAP.

Step 3. After the download finish, run it and wait for a while until your PC restart. Congratulations now you are using Windows XP SP3 now.

Iif you want your PC security much better, please update your Security online, you can use Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu select Windows Update and select only the Costum, please install the High-priority updates and let your computer more secure.

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