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How to Get Google TV?

Several months  ago the internet giant Google launched its newest product called Google TV. What would happen if television HDTV can be used to watch the news but also at the same time can be used to update the status on Facebook and Twitter, open a video on Youtube, open an image on Flickr, etc.? Surely this is a new experience for us. Google's innovations will change the way people enjoy entertainment which unites broadcast TV and the Internet into a big screen.

Google TV was officially will launch in 2011 in America's largest TV manufacturer in cooperation with hardware vendors Sony and Logitech. How to get Google TV? There are two options, first you must buy a Sony TV Internet package with prices $ 600 and buy a separate device Sony call Sony Internet Blueray for 400 dollars or you can buy Logitech Revue for US $ 300.

In the official Google blog said that Google's TV invites developers and big media companies to create applications that are appropriate and necessary on Google TV platform.
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Posted by: Trito Hartono

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