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HTC Desire Review, Specs and Price

HTC Desire
With the improvement in the side of the screen and the processor, the HTC Desire became the best products in Android. HTC Desire made by HTC that uses the operating system Andorid. After Legend, this time HTC releases Desire. Like Legend, Desire equipped with 2.1 and HTC Android Sense as his homescreen. But Desire processors used is much faster, ie 1GHz Snapdragon. In comparison, the Legend is only using with a 600MHz processor. When playing 3D games and video playback can be used as an example of performance, Desire does look very smooth doing it. Even more fun, reportedly Android Desire can upgrade to version 2.2 (Froyo) in Q3 of this year. So, we stay patient for a while longer to enjoy the Android Froyo.

2GB microSD apparently going to be comprehensiveness required in a commercial package Android 2.1 hp and above, including the Desire. For data storage is automatically directed to the microSD. So did all the installation application. This is indeed one of the advantages the latest Android 2.1. The most easily seen microSD is about the importance of the facility Camera / Camcorder. Both do not function when microSD is not installed. In setting Camera / Camcorder was no longer given the option to internal memory storage.

Desire homescreen still numbered 7 panels, including panels occupying FriendStream to-2 to the left of the main panel and editors in the first panel to the right of the main panel. Both panels are purposely referred to cite ease of access to whatever we want, like the heralded HTC Sense within.

Another example is the People (or formerly known as Phonebook). If we open one of the contacts, there summed up complete personal data which we Put up to its current status on Facebook and a collection of recent photos on Flickr.

Desire has an internal GPS antenna. This GPS features coupled with Google Maps for roaming locations. In any camera we can do geo-tagging, and then collected in Footprints. Photographs can also be saved in the Favorites category, Shopping, Dining, Leisure, and Others. These places are also later will appear on Google Maps.

By design, which directly looks striking is the 3.7 inch touch screen that clearly relieved. As usual, the screen is so easy to leave fingerprints and cheek on the surface of the screen. Fortunately the screen was easily scratched so easily cleaned with any fabric. Rear casing was safe, because berpermukaan similar rubber.

HTC still pairs of G-sensor, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor on this hp. The facility can we feel when the phone ringer volume automatically decreases when we picked up the phone to receive calls. Or ringer automatically switch to mute when the device ditelungkupkan. The display also automatically dims when brought near to the cheek during a telephone conversation took place. (Septyarini)


With the improvement in the side of the screen size and processor speed, HTC Desire does give "desire" is greater for Android enthusiasts. The price HTC Desire  was around US $700- US$ 800 and US 8 more expensive than HTC Legend. So HTC Desire is more suitable for those who want the best device in the world of Android
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