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How to Install Yahoo Messenger on iPhone

Some people may ask how to install Yahoo Messenger on iPhone, actually it is not difficult to install Yahoo Messenger to your iPhone. How to Install Yahoo Messenger on iPhone? The first step is make sure your iPhone on Home Screen and find the blue icon beside the iTunes icon on the front page of the screen. And then open the App Store.

Follow these step by step to download and isntall Yahoo Messenger on iPhone:
  1. Depending on your recent use of the App Store, the first page to come up might be different. There are five buttons at the bottom of the page. Click "Search."
  2. You can read product information, customer reviews and see screen shots. To download the program, press on the blue "Free" button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. The button will change to green and say "Buy Now." Press again to confirm the download.
  3. You will be required to enter your iTunes Store account information. Type your account password, and iTunes will authorize your purchase. If authorized, your phone will exit the App Store and begin to install your application.
  4. When fully installed, the Yahoo Messenger icon will be fully colored and ready to use. Press the icon to begin chatting.

Yahoo Messenger on iPhone
                  Yahoo Messenger on iPhone

More Features Yahoo Messenger on iPhone:
  1. Send instant messages in real-time to your friends
  2. Stay signed in and available for up to 2 weeks
  3. Instantly share photos from your iPhone
  4. Stay in control with stealth settings
  5. Show your style with emoticons and Avatars
  6. Quickly access your most recent conversations
  7. Set a custom Status message to share with friend
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