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Friendster Hacking

Do you have an account and often visit Friendster? If yes so be careful from now. Friendster is a social networking site services which has a very large number of members in the world.
However, if you yearn for this site has the grip of security that can be used by hackers to steal your account? The following article will explain how a hacker using engineering techniques to steal username and password Friendster, which I quoted from the blog

Techniques used to redirect a profile of Friendster is using a flash. Now I want to give me an example of how we redirect Friendster profile URL to someone who we want. First we create a simple script, such as flash code below. To use Linux, install the Ming package first. Ming is a library that can generate the Macromedia Flash file (. Swf). If you use Ubuntu and not to install, run the following command:

apt-get install libming-util

If Ming successfully installed, create a file with your editor, which contains the following code and save with the name

etURL ( "");

for instance as follows:

getURL ( "");

After a flash file (. Swf) by running the following command:

chaidir@osxbuntu:~$ /usr/lib/libming/bin/makeswf

If successful, it will produce a file called Flash out.swf. This file when accessed from the browser will redirect me to a URL that we defined previously. For example, please access the flash that I have made here. When you access the url, then you direct 'directed' towards

Then, upload the files was a flash (out.swf) to a place that is easily accessible. For example, in After that, send a testimonial to the people who want to give testimonials in the flash file with this.

And then enter the following code:

<object classid=’clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000′ codebase=’,0,29,0′ width=’400′ height=’250′><param name=’movie’ value=’‘ /><param name=’quality’ value=’high’ /><embed src=’‘ quality=’high’ pluginspage=’’ type=’application/x-shockwave-flash’ width=’400′ height=’250′ allowScriptAccess=”never”></embed></object>

To try if this successfully testimonials, click preview. So that the recipient can receive testimonials, delete the file and replace the flash ( with a flash animation that attract attention. For example, with a flash of Babaflash Forum. After the new Constitution, replace and switch again (upload again) with a flash file.

Now, in the example of Friendster in false cases, the cracker redirect every user who wants to see the profile that was already get flash and direct to Pick to win there and created a page that resembles the login page and Friendster seems to happen every error that requires the user to enter email and password.

Facilities to submit a testimonial on Friendster cracker is used to deceptive people who often play with Friendster. Therefore, be careful of testimonials that use flash. If testimonail get from people who are not known or even a flash that important, better not to open it.

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