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How to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

Actually I just want to share experiences use Windows 7 and how updagrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 without leaving your current installation . To run Windows 7 we do not need a DVD ROM so do not be worried if you do not have a DVD ROM.

To get free windows 7 with Serial Number you can search at Google with keywords Windows 7 with SN and download it. I recommended that you download the torrent files. After that there is one software that we need, a virtual cd. I recommend Daemon because it is light and easy to use. To obtain the latest version Daemon please download here.

1. Run Deamon, right click on the icon and click the new Deamon imagefile.
2. Load ISO Windows 7, then double click setup.exe, the screen will appear like this:

Klik install now.

If you have internet connection, its better to upadate

Windows 7Klik next

Windows 7
In this step, we can choose upgrade or install Windows 7 on other partition. So we choose upgrade to install Windows 7. Wait for a moment to finish the process. Then enter the serial numbers. Now your computer migrate to Windows 7.

Microsoft Window 7

Windows 7Microsoft Window 7

To get the latest patch and drivers I suggest that you upadate Windows 7 online to get the better security.

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