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US Law Allows Hacking and Jailbreaking

Hacking activity is considered as an underground movement because it is illegal. However, now legal in the U.S. has legalized hacking, at least for some reasonable cause.

It is listed in the revision of the digital copyright laws or Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), which was enacted on Monday (7/26/2010). The Library of Congress Copyright Office manages in the U.S. states, the results of his review to ensure that no such action has the potential theft of copyrighted works.

With this concession, the consumer can freely commit such acts are called jailbreaking. For example, to unlock or open protection on Apple's iPhone smartphone that could be used in other cellular networks based on user choice.

Not just to unlock the iPhone, the new rules also allow consumers to take action that is considered illegal. Here are some things that are allowed:

1. Protection allows phone owners to open access to his cell phone to change network settings.

2. Allow people to open the technical protection of video games to learn or improve weaknesses in the security system.

3. Allows a professor, student film, a documentary filmmaker, and producer of noncommercial film for opening protection in DVDs so they can add a clip for educational purposes, criticism, or comments.

4. Allow computer owners to bypass the external security system called the dongle if the dongle was no longer working and can not be replaced.

5. Allow the blind to open the locks on electronic books so that readers can use the software text and similar purposes.
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