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How does Google Search Engine work?

What first you do when accessing the Internet? Yah, the first most Internet users is googling. Why called googling? Yes, this started to search for the term with the search engine giant Google that is number one as a search engine.

How does Google Search Engine work?

How does a google search engine work. Here I will explain how the Google search engine work, which I gather from various sources. A search engine has a component called the spider , which is often called crawler. Elements of this spider visits to Internet sites to read the contents and the various links in the site. Usually search engines make periodic visits to see if there are changes that occur.

The program, known as a crawler, or spider robots used Google as the world of the Internet called Cusco, Scooter and Deephot. This third Detective Google's rate a site with a variety of ways. First they find out from a main title-tag, the HTML tags, and meta tags. Besides exploring the text of the site and its link to. Also, not to check the robots.txt file that contains information which may or not. From this then there will be certain that the directory ignored, especially in the files that contain sensitive information.

Each element that was found by the spider will be recorded into an index. The giant index similar to a book that contains a copy of the site. When a change is found on the site, automatically also the spider do updates.

Google indexing process is automatically and regularly. At that time Google also records the new pages, remove the link that die and renew the link. However, sometimes necessary process of writing a new page that found spider. So there will be a possibility that the latest information in the internet site is not included in the catalog index.

Furthermore, the application of the Google search engine responsible for its thousands of data contained in the catalog and match it to the accordance with the search request. It then displays them on the computer monitor appropriate form in accordance with the order of the list (ranking). Applications that use Google to make such a ranking known as PageRank.

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