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Yahoo Push Email Setup

Currently, most advanced mobile phone technology has more features and facilities. One of the features that are embedded in the mobile phone feature is push email. With a push email you do not need to browse to open email. This could save time and also save your balance.

Some popular brand mobile phone such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, Andorid and iPhone already supports push email. The following parameters are for setting push Yahoo email in general.


The following example settings for push email on the Nokia 3230:

1. Open menu message -> Mailbox
2. Select Options -> Settings
3. Typethe name Mailbox, eg: Yahoo
4. Select the access point, eg: T-cells (choose your phone operator )
5. Type an email address, eg:
6. Type the username, eg: myaccount
7. Enter a password, eg: 123456
8. Enter the Incoming Server:
9. Enter the Outgoing Server:
10. Save

Yahoo Push Email Setup
Yahoo Push Email Setup
To download the email on your phone, enter the message and select Yahoo. Then email client will download e-mail headers in the mailbox Yahoo. Choose one. Email will automatically open to your mobile phone.

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Posted by: Trito Hartono

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  1. thnx for this usefull info :)


  2. IMAP is not push...

  3. Can you use these settings in Mac mail?

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